Grand Valley Horse Rescue Mission

The Grand Valley Horse Rescue (GVHR) is formed as a 501C(3) charitable corporation which will focus on the prevention of cruelty to animals, foster national amateur sports and combat juvenile delinquency.

  • Prevention of cruelty to animals – The GVHR will focus on rescuing horses that would make good children or youth horses, and because of the lack of training or skills are at a high risk of being slaughtered.  GVHR will acquire the horses through horses being donated, through bailing out horses from kill pens, from purchasing horses at auction, from adopted retired racehorses and from purchasing horses from private individuals.

The horses will go through a training process cumulating with the horse and their rider competing in a national amateur sport. GVHR will encourage each horse and rider to pursuit their own passion such as barrel racing, reining, trail riding, etc. but the focus will be the Olympic Equestrian disciplines of dressage, eventing and jumping.   

  • Foster national amateur sports – GVHR will focus on the construction of equine cross-country course for those youth wanting to pursue eventing. The youth of Western Colorado and Eastern Utah are geographically limited in chasing their Olympic dreams.

The GVHR will actively support other national amateur equestrian sports based on the interests of the students.  The goal is to train a horse to the highest level of a specific sport then after a national competition the horse would be adoptable to an approved home.

  • Combat juvenile delinquency – GVHR will partner one to two youth horsemanship students with each rescue horse for training towards a specific amateur sport.  Those juveniles engaged with the horse rescue will be responsible for the feeding, caring for, training, and exercising their assigned horse which will take an enormous amount of time reducing the amount of time to get into mischief. 

Youths joining the horsemanship program will be allowed in on a first come first in basis except for individuals recommended for the program through a judge, doctor, or counselor. Those youths with recommendation will have priority placement.


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This horse rescue is for abused horses and for more children to be in contact with horses for reasonable prices.

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We are selling T shirts and masks to raise money for a wonderful property and to save horses in need.