Our Story

The Herd!

In August of 2018, Princess Cupcake, at the age of 5, stated “horses are dying! We need to save them.”  This planted a seed to build a horse rescue in our hearts.  The seed started to take root as we spent the next two years learning how to train both in the saddle and on the ground, how to care for horses, how to know when to say hello and goodbye, and most importantly how to truly love them.


Our dream is to build a space where the community, especially the children, can come and spend time with the horses. Therefore, the rescue will be built around an equestrian event center with an indoor arena that features a restaurant, a cross-country course, a skijoring course, and covered warm-up arenas. Other features will be a pond for swimming, orchards, gardens, bike trails and bike/skateboarding jump area for those brothers that do not really like horses that much.


If you would like to join our merry quest to build a very special place for the community please sign up below.

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