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Hallelujah Horses

The war horses from World War I and II were from the Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge which was managed by U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. In 2014, 907 mustangs from Sheldon went to a sanctuary in South Dakota. The sanctuary in South Dakota failed in 2016 and the mustangs were found starving.

The South Dakota State Attorney called Elain Nash of Fleet of Angels to assist in placing 270 of the 907 mustangs. The remaining mustangs were to be sold at auction to cover their feed cost. Fleet of Angels raised enough money to save all 907 mustangs. Fleet of Angels then found good approved, adoptive homes in groups of two or more mustangs for all 907 by May 2018.

Grace, age 8, wrote the following essay about the horses.

"In October of 2016 the State Attorney of South Dakota made a phone call to the founder of the Fleet of Angels and asked her to help place 270 mustangs up for adoption. These horses came from a group of 907 wild mustangs that were in a failed sanctuary where they were starving and not taken care of. The Fleet of Angels found good homes for all their 270 mustangs. Each horse got to go with a friend or family member, so no horse was alone in their new life.

The Fleet of Angels then raised more money and bought the other horses who were on their way to an auction that kill buyers were also on their way to. By May of 2018, every horse from the failed sanctuary had been adopted out to loving homes. This huge mission was named the Hallelujah Horses mission and was the largest rescue of horses in history."

Two of Hallelujah horses, Shirley, and Big Kenny are coming to the Grand Valley Horse Rescue to be saddled trained so they can become our forever lesson horses.

Shirley Please sponsor Shirley at $22 per month with the link. (Please check the reoccurring toggle box)

Big Kenny Please sponsor Big Kenny at $22 per month with the link. (Please check the reoccurring toggle box)

Evy, age 12, wrote how she feels about training Shirley.

“I’m very excited to be able to help one of the Hallelujah horses. I can’t wait to train her, be able to rider her and see her almost every day. The part I’m really looking forward to is training her to ride and hopefully take her to gymkhanas, barrel racing and dressage shows. I’m a little scared that she won’t like me, and I won’t be able to make a bond with her, but I will try my best and hopefully it will work out. I’m grateful that I get to be part of helping the Hallelujah horse even though it’s just a small part.”

Both Grace and Evy will be working with Shirley.



Other photos of Shirley

Other photos of Big Kenny


Interesting article about the Hallelujah horses

Sports Illustrated

Fleet of Angels website, Hallelujah horses page

The press has the right to reproduce the articles by the children, the photographs, or the video.

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