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Prince and Princess Characteristics.

At Grand Valley Horse Rescue to earn a horse the following characteristics need to be understood and utilized.

1) Put the needs of the herd ahead of your personal needs.

2) Patience with everyone and everything, especially the horses.

3) Poise in time of emotional upheaval.

4) Problem-solve rather than making it someone else's problem.

5) Politeness to other volunteers and to the horses. (Ask, Tell, Make)

6) Posture on and off the horse.

7) Position of the body on and off the horse.

8) Partnership with the other volunteers and the horses.

9) Praise everyone and every horse.

10) Property well cared for including paddocks, feed, tack, and horse.

11) Practice makes perfect.

12) Persistence

13) Peace

When struggling with these characteristics, it is recommended that the person perches for long periods of time just watching a horse or horses.

Perching is defined as sitting without speaking for a period several minutes.

It is not an easy task to earn a horse. The average time to earn a horse is usually 14 to 18 months.

At this time, the following horses have their Prince or Princess.

Maximum Horse Power and his Princess.

Simon of Rio and his Princess

Wall-E and his Princess

Butter and her Princess

Queen and her Princess

GVHR has one Princess, who lost her horse, True, last year. She will be working with Shasta until her next horse arrives. The following video shows her skills with Emma Lou.

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