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Project Cirrus

Working to ensure a safe landing for mustangs from Mesa, Delta, Montrose, and Ouray Counties.

Project Cirrus was started by Grand Valley Horse Rescue, and the Eagles and Wild Horses Ranch, with cooperation with Horse and Human Rescue, and Ataraxis Mindful Mustangship to ensure that no Mustang from Mesa, Delta, Montrose, or Ouray Counties ever find themselves on that long dark train to a kill pen. Since May 2022, Project Cirrus has played a role in finding a better future for several Mustangs.

Cirrus' Story

GVHR loves Little Book Cliff Mustangs! We can see their home from our rescue. Last spring, we accepted three Little Book Cliff Mustangs, Notch, Cameo and Renata while another one, Cirrus, was being sold at the local auction.  Cirrus ended up in a kill pen in Eaton, Colorado where she was rescued by a California based rescue. While she was in quarantine, she became ill with strangles.  She lost several hundred pounds and was really fighting to stay alive. The California rescue contacted us about taking her in through an inter-rescue transfer.  Since she was a Little Book Cliff mustang, we accepted.  We didn't want another Colorado mustang going through it again.


We started monitoring the local livestock auctions.  In October 2022 we fundraised and helped save two mustangs (not Colorado mustangs) Harmony and Lyric, and found them a home.

In December we found homes for four with three days to spare before the auction.

This March, we helped load up 5 Sand Wash Basin Mustangs to be sent to the rescue group, For the Love of Aria.

R-5 High School class and friends participating in a rescue of five Sand Wash Basin senior mustangs. They helped round them up and trailer them for their save arrival to the rescue group, For the Love of Aria.

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