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Project Cirrus

Protecting Mustangs in Western Colorado

Little Bookcliff Mustang Cirrus

Cirrus on the Little Book Cliffs Wild Horse Range prior to being gathered in 2018

Mustangs, the iconic wild horses of the American West, are often rounded up or taken from the wild for a variety of reasons, and many of them end up at horse auctions.  Once horses end up at auction, the sad reality is that many of them are sold into the slaughter pipeline.  According to the American Humane Society, 23,000 abandoned, neglected, and unwanted horses were sold for slaughter in 2021.  


Project Cirrus was formed in May of 2022 by Grand Valley Horse Rescue and the Eagles and Wild Horses Ranch with one goal in mind: to prevent these magnificent creatures from entering the slaughter pipeline. Our journey began with an eye on the horizon, where the home of the Little Book Cliffs Mustangs can be seen from our Rescue. We welcomed three of these Mustangs into our care that May: Notch, Cameo, and Renata; but it was the plight of another Mustang named Cirrus that truly ignited our mission. Sold at a local auction, Cirrus landed in a kill pen in Eaton, Colorado. A California-based organization thankfully rescued her from that situation, but she became ill and was fighting for her life, When they contacted us about taking her in, we didn’t hesitate to help.  We couldn’t bear the thought of another Colorado Mustang enduring such hardship.


Our mission is to protect the Mustangs in Western Colorado, ensuring they never have to face the trials that Cirrus did. We are dedicated to providing a safe haven for these beautiful animals, and we strive to prevent their suffering. We believe that every Mustang deserves a safe and secure home, where they are honored and appreciated. Since its inception, Project Cirrus has made a significant difference, securing a brighter future for 33 Mustangs in Western Colorado!

How Project Cirrus Protects Mustangs

So how do we keep these majestic creatures out of the slaughter pipeline?  


We monitor and attend every livestock auction in Western Colorado to make sure no Mustangs are sold to the kill pen buyers.  If we can’t ensure the Mustang will be sold to a good home during the auction, we purchase them ourselves. 


We also monitor all horse advertisements in the area, searching for Mustangs that are being sold for a low price. We contact the sellers and either buy the horses from them or help to ensure they sell the Mustang to a good, secure home.  


Our favorite way of helping is to place Mustangs into homes before they end up at auctions or for sale.  We receive an average of 2 calls per week from people looking to re-home their Mustangs for various reasons.  We do whatever we can to help ensure these horses have a soft landing. 

How You Can Help

The success of Project Cirrus relies heavily on the generosity and support of the public. Your contribution can help ensure that no Mustang from Western Colorado will ever end up on that long dark train to a kill pen. 


Every penny counts!  The money donated to Project Cirrus goes directly towards purchasing Mustangs from auctions and for their care.  Your financial support will provide food, veterinary care, farrier services and other necessities, as well as helping to save more Mustangs from the auctions. 

Project Cirrus Defender

Become a Project Cirrus Defender by donating $25 per month and make a tangible difference in the lives of these Mustangs. Committing to a monthly sponsorship enables the project to continue its vital work.

Purchase a T-Shirt

Purchase a Project Cirrus T-shirt from our online store.  Show your support and spread awareness at the same time with a stylish new shirt! All proceeds from the t-shirt sales go directly towards the project. 


We invite those with a heart for rescues to join us in our mission.  Your support can make a world of difference in the lives of these Mustangs.  With your help, we can ensure they live the safe lives they deserve.  Together, we can make a difference!

Adopt a Mustang

Whether we save a Mustang from auction, or they're surrendered by a loving owner, we are always looking for good, secure homes for these magnificent creatures so that we can continue to save more.  

If you think you may have the right home and are dedicated to providing a safe, secure life for a Mustang, please fill out our adoption application.

Jett Piceance Creek Mustang.jpeg
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