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Wrangler Herd

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The Wrangler Herd meets weekly on Saturdays from 11am-2pm during the school year. Summer hours vary.  Each session includes hands-on learning about:

  • Horse safety

  • Mucking stalls or paddocks

  • Grooming horses

  • Leading horses

  • Ground skills

  • Horse needs

  • Horse equipment

  • Sitting properly on a horse

  • And more

This herd membership is the first step to becoming a Horsemanship Herd member.


For ages 5 and up ~ We do ask that parents accompany children age 6 and below 

Book a Session

At only $50 per month, the Wrangler program is a unique educational experience in which children learn about hard work, discipline, and responsibility, all while having some fun with horses. 


Allow your child to engage with and gain knowledge about horses in a secure and supervised setting. This opportunity will not only cultivate a fondness and respect for animals and the environment but also impart crucial lessons on accountability and nurturing. Provide your child with an enjoyable and unforgettable outdoor experience, free from screens, where they can connect with nature and learn valuable life skills.

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