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Fri, Feb 17


Zoom Meeting

Healing the Horse through Body Alignment!

Body Wisdom Series: Learning To Listen More Deeply To The Wisdom of Your Horses Body!

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Healing the Horse through Body Alignment!
Healing the Horse through Body Alignment!

Time & Location

Feb 17, 2023, 5:30 PM – 7:00 PM MST

Zoom Meeting

About the event


Body Wisdom Series: Learning To Listen More Deeply To The Wisdom of Your Horses Body

with Dr. Allecia Maine, Roy Kareus and Shelle deVergie


For far too long we have been looking at behaviors as the first step in training. We try to address the behavior before we know what is really going on in the body.  "You cannot have a behavior if you do not have a body. So always look to the body first for unrecognized pain or discomfort."  Allecia Maine, PhD

The more we learn about Equines the more we realize we are just scratching the surface of their intelligence, simple complexity, and our ability to understand them at the deepest levels to take the best care of them. The most current Quantum Science based research is proving that body misalignment plays a major role in how horses are able to learn. When they are out of alignment and do not feel comfortable it generally shows up in their behavior. Sometimes though we are not able to fully address that discomfort and as a result we use chemicals to soften or dampen the issue without addressing the original cause.

Allecia Maine, MA, PhD developed the In Sync Body Assessment and Muscle Release Technique(tm) to address the horse's alignment issues via their fascial network and reset their nervous system either with a hands on or remote protocol. Her ground-breaking cutting-edge remote PhD study testing out Quantum Entanglements with 27 formerly Wild Mustangs is breaking all our rules of understanding of Traditional Behavior Training Methods by proving that body misalignment is a major root cause of behavior issues that is best addressed before any training takes place.

In this webinar, she is going to guide you in understanding the most basic connections of what body misalignment can create and how to simply and easily shift it, Allecia will assist you in recognizing the most common roots of so many issues and best ways to address them.

You will never see your horse the same way again.

Learning Objectives:

  • Increase      understanding of the vital role body alignment plays in behavior issues
  • To      recognize the role spinal alignment plays in the over learning patterns      and capabilities of horses
  • Reframe      the current paradigm of horse training to include proper body alignment      from the beginning
  • Deepen      understanding of the Flow pathway for optimal learning and nervous system      health in horses
  • Assist      in trouble shooting behavior issues that are still a mystery
  • More      deeply understand the role the fascia plays in body alignment
  • Share      the results of my remote PhD research study with 27 formerly Wild Mustangs      proving that body alignment is a root cause of behavior issues
  • Discuss      the role of Quantum Physics and Quantum Entanglements in training and      proper spinal alignment

Who Is This For?

Equestrians from beginner to expert who want to understand and assist their horse more deeply.

What Will You Learn:

· How to see your horse in a whole new way

· How to observe subtle tension in their body

· How to feel your horse with your instincts

· Basic Animal Communication

· How To Awaken Your Inner Healer

· How To Stretch Your Horse Properly

· How To Breathe To Improve Connection and Communication

· How To Truly Be Present For Your Horse and Yourself

· Energy Bubble

· Clear and Disengage

· Trust Your Horse Trust Yourself

Horses mirror back to us a lot about our energy. They are often a true representation of where we are at physically, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually. Often times they reflect back to us where we need to scoop our own poop to really show up and be present for them and ourselves.

What Your Horse Will Learn:

· That you are open and present

· That you are consistent and patient

· That you are making an effort to understand them more deeply

· That you are making an effort to scoop your own poop and show up fully present for yourself and them

Join Allecia, Roy and Shelle on a Sacred 8-week Journey into the Body Wisdom of The Horse. We will drop into a space of Communion which allows us to learn to see and connect with The Essence of each horse on much deeper level right from the comfort of your own home.

Every week Allecia will be using her In Sync Body Assessment and Muscle Release Technique™ along with Animal Communication to work with 8 different horses to check in with them via Zoom to see how they are feeling and what their bodies are requesting. Together we will through each horse’s body learning to see, hear and feel the horse in a new way that allows us to open our minds, hearts, intuition and instincts to a new level of perceiving and receiving that we can bring back to our own horses each week.

Live Virtual Weekly Classes via Zoom

Date: January 6, 13, 20, 27 February 3. 10, 1, 24

Time: 4:30 pst/ 5:30 mst/ 6:30 cst/ 7:30 est

Duration- Approximately 60 min + 15 min for Questions

Cost: $25 per class ($200) or prepay $150 or become a monthly sponsor of GVHR for $12.50 with a one-year commitment.

Reservations and prepayment are required. Please go to the donation page to pay for the cost of this class either through PayPal, Venmo, or by mailing a check.

Contact: Shelle deVergie, director of GVHR at or 970-361-5280 (And yes, we know Shelle’s voice mailbox is full and has been since June. It is easier to say no to someone wanting to surrender a horse if she doesn’t hear their voice.)

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