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Grand Valley Horse Rescue

Horsemanship Program 

At the Grand Valley Horse Rescue, we find it very important to not just teach riding lessons but complete horsemanship. Children will learn how to take care of the horses, learn to train horses, and learn to ride horses.


Parents are always welcome!

Each member can choose their membership level: Horsemanship Herd, Wrangler Herd or Drop In Barn Herd.

During your scheduled time you can expect to clean a stall, groom a horse, feed the horses, give lessons to those less experienced, and help out with any chore needed around the barn.  Additionally, Horsemanship and Wrangle Herd are required to fundraise 2 hours per month.

Drop in Barn Herd are required to sign up with Memaw to schedule time at least 24 hours ahead of the scheduled time and complete the waivers. 

Each session, the rider is required to wear a helmet, long pants, boots, and an appropriate top. 

Adult Volunteer Work

We have so many volunteer opportunities at Grand Valley Horse Rescue. If you are interested in any of the volunteer positions, please fill out the volunteer form below.

Opportunities include but are not limited to:

  • Feeding 

  • Paddock cleaning

  • Teaching riding lessons

  • Serving on the board

  • Fundraising 

Herd Membership
$150 per month

Being in the Horsemanship Herd is hard work! Most members are there 6 to 10 hours per week. There are times when it is necessary to be at the rescue in the early morning or at night.

As a herd member, you will receive one to six time slots per week at the rescue. Each time slot will be 2-3 hours. Time is to be scheduled through Memaw. As these students progress, they will be invited to participate in local gymkhanas, dressage shows and equine agility. These students will also be required to volunteer at fundraising events throughout the year. This membership is a continual commitment. If you choose to take a break, your spot could be filled with waitlisted members.


Drop in Barn Member
$40 per session

As a barn member, you will receive one 2 hour session at the barn. Time is to be scheduled through Memaw. During your time at the barn you will receive a riding lesson as well as help with chores to take care of the horses for the day. This is only offered to those who have completed the horsemanship program.

Wrangler Herd
$50 per month

The Wrangler Herd program teaches basic horsemanship such as mucking a stall or paddock, grooming a horse and ground skills' around the horse. This herd membership is the first step to becoming a Horsemanship Herd member.

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