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Past life

Babe was born to be a racehorse. In the middle of her training, when she was 3 years old, circumstances made it not possible for her to fulfill that life. She has sat in the same field for 20 years and now is 23 years old. During that period of time Babe had no communication with any other horses and not many people. Her owner could not take care of her any more because of health issues and age so she came to G.V.H.R ( grand valley horse rescue).

What we Have Been Doing

Here at G.V.H.R ( grand valley horse rescue) her progress is wonderful. We have switched her diet to half alfalfa half grass. She gets a daily exercise and grain every day. We spend 20-30 minutes doing therapy with her ( brushing, loving on her, and talking to her ).


Babe is a light bay with a with dot on the forehead. She has 4 white socks and a black main an tail. Brown eyes and is 14.2 hands tall.


A bit shy but loves carrot treats shoulder scratches and belly scratches. Not a face touch horse. Takes a lot to gain her trust. Is in too people an other horses.


In order to take in new rescues we need the money. Babe is are newest rescue and we would love people to sponsor her. We are a none profit organization meaning we don't pay our selves. We need people to sponsor. So please sponsor Babe for $21 per month.

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