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Grand Valley Horse Rescue

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

By Brielle Sorensen on August 2021

“No hour of life is wasted that is spent in the saddle.” - Winston Churchill

Monthly Highlight Member:


Galloping past a barrel is one thing, but for The Hammer it's nothin'. Embree (age 11), nicknamed The Hammer for her outgoing personality at the rescue speeds past the three barrels when she competes in the barrel run at each monthly gymkhana. "I like how we save horses and give kids everywhere a chance to experience the love between a horse and a person," she says when talking about the rescue. She has been at the rescue for almost a year now and is proud to say she is one of the original members who got this rescue started.

In Loving Memory of True

After last month's gymkhana, there was an unexpected and devastating death of everyone's favorite horse at the rescue, True. In honor of her passing, the rescue had a celebration of life and had lots of kite flying. She was an amazing horse who could put a smile on anyone's face.

What's Happening Now:

The week after the gymkhana, the rescue brought in some new friends to join the herd! William and Butter were brought to the rescue and are thriving in the barns and getting along with the others. This month, William will be making his gymkhana debut in August! The rescue is also currently trying to raise money so they can buy a new place for all their horses with plenty of room for them to ride and live.

What We've Accomplished This Month:

  • On August 16, we had a fundraiser at Fiesta Guadalajara in Fruita between 5-9. Thank you to everyone who attended, we had a lot of fun that night and the food was delicious!

  • The rescue assigned new job positions to the board: Lila as President, Kenzie and Wilder as 1st VP, Zoey as 2nd VP, Annie as the Secretary, Brielle as the 3rd VP, Maya as the Treasurer, Embree as the Volunteer Coordinator, and Kara, Paige, and Laura Kate as the Show Coordinators!

Contact Us!!

Phone: (970) 361-5280


TikTok: @grandvalleyhorserescue


Facebook: @GVHorseRescue

Instagram: @GVHorseRescue

Twitter: @GrandRescue

Paypal for donation:

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