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Grand Valley Horse Rescue

Updated: Oct 1, 2021

By Brielle Sorensen on September 2021

"The wind of heaven is that which blows between a horse's ears." - Arabian Proverb

Monthly Highlight Member:


A horse will always love to run, but without a cowgirl he will never go very far. That's what Annie is for, sharing her ways with the horses across the rescue. At age 14, Annie has been at the rescue for four and a half months, and she absolutely loves it. "I love how we are all a family and we all support each other no matter what." She

recently adopted her horse who she rides, William. Around the rescue, Annie does her chores, rides, plays with the other girls who also are at the rescue, helps other girls with their horses and chores, and overall just has fun!

What's Happening Now:

Grand Valley Horse Rescue has some big news: THEY ARE MOVING! The rescue currently has more horses than they have room for and they have more horses waiting to come in because they are growing exponentially. They are currently looking for businesses to sponsor a paddock for $4,500. Sponsors will get their own plaque with the company name on the plaque! The rescue also got into the Fruita Fall Festival (dates to come).

What We've Accomplished This Month:

  • On September 18, the rescue participated in the gymkhana at the sheriff posse grounds. It was so much fun and everyone had an absolute blast! Everyone who is a part of the rescue did great and they are all very proud!

  • The day after the gymkhana (September 19), the rescue held a fundraiser at Las Colonias Park with GJ Sup to help raise money while also supporting and celebrating the girls for their excellent riding skills at the gymkhana! There was a giant pool that everyone could paddle board in and sit under the hot sun while also a cake walk to help raise money!! Thank you to everybody who came to the fundraiser and participated, we greatly appreciate it and thank you for donating!

Contact Us!!

Phone: (970) 361-5280



Facebook: @GVHorseRescue

Instagram: @GVHorseRescue

Twitter: @GrandRescue

Paypal for donation:

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