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Grand Valley Horse Rescue - January 2022

By Brielle Sorensen

"Until you have loved a horse a part of your soul sleeps." - Unknown

Horse of the Month:


Butter arrived at GVHR on the last day of July with open wounds, a respiratory infection and untouchable.

Her princess, Patience, who is also the President of GVHR, taught her that humans are safe and fun. They love spending time together. Patience has taught her be haltered and that life is more fun outside of her paddock.

The GVHR TikTok account is great fun! Please follow us!

Butter is learning to lunge and will be saddle trained in the next couple of months and is schedule for Las Vegas in June. Please sponsor Butter for $22 per month.

What's Happening Now:

  • GVHR is partnering with Colorado Horse Rescue Network for an Equine Assist Weekend this spring. The first one will be in Western Colorado. More information will be coming as we know.

  • We are doing a fundraiser in Meeker at the skijoring event February 20 and 21

  • GVHR will also be partnering with Evanescent Mustang Rescue and Sanctuary to train the mustangs into youth performance horses. These horse are currently in Western Colorado at Eagles and Wild Horses Ranch!

  • In addition to the mustangs from Evanescent Mustang Rescue, there will be two Hallelujah horses arriving, Shirley and Big Kenny. It is a great honor to have these two arriving.

  • The Colorado Barrel Futurity in Montrose, Colorado will take place two weeks after our event in Las Vegas, June 16-18, 2022. We will be racing for the money, publicity, and especially the fun!! In order to keep our non-profit alive, we would love for you to consider sponsoring our horses Butter, Wall-E, Queen and Rita at $22.00 a month as we prepare them for this event.

What We've Accomplished This Month:

  • #BettyWhiteChallenge was a huge success!! We would like to say thank you to everyone who donated and helped support not only the rescue but also the horses who need it. We pulled in a whopping $500 and it is greatly appreciated!!

  • The rescue participated in a Meet and Greet with both the Hallelujah horses and the Evanescent horses. It was a blast and don't be afraid to view more of our adventure at

  • The skijoring fundraiser was a hit and we would like to give a huge thank you to the Hailie's Oven in Fruita for baking all the cookies and brownies. Also thank you to the families that sold artwork!

  • A MASSIVE THANK YOU to everyone who stepped up to sponsor Simon this month, we all love our gentle giant and can't explain how grateful we are for your donations!!!

  • GVHR is happy to announce they have partnered with The Center for Racehorse Retraining! CRR has been retraining racehorses and offering rehoming solutions to trainers and owners since 2016. GVHR is hopeful that this recent partnership will demonstrate the versatility of Thoroughbreds in second careers, as well as make more people aware of the rehoming opportunities.

Contact Us!!

Phone: (970) 361-5280


TikTok: @grandvalleyhorserescue


Facebook: @GVHorseRescue

Instagram: @GVHorseRescue

Twitter: @GrandRescue

Please help us continue to grow by donating today!

Paypal for donation:

For GoFundMe donation:

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