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Saving Suzie

Princes Aurora and Suzie

Suzie Q is a very important part of Grand Valley Horse Rescue and everyone usually loves riding and being around her. The problem is that we don't own her, she belongs to the people at West Gate where we are currently at. We are moving to a new location very soon. Her owners are getting to old to take care of their horses and give them the attention they need. Her owners want to much money for each horse. They want $6,000 for her. Suzie is a great horse but she is defiantly not worth that much, she is more like a $800 horse.

Because we are a nonprofit, we don't have the money to save her or any of her pasture mates. We love Suzie very much and we need your help to save this horse.

Suzie is not the happiest or healthiest horse right now. She is foundered due to lack of care. If she does not come with us to our new property and get the care she deserves she could get even more sick and have to be put down like one of her friend Sassy Sally.

Go to our GoFundMe page and donate today

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