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Betty White's 100th Birthday Challenge!

Grand Valley Horse Rescue, located in Western Colorado, launched on Halloween 2020, by a group of 8 children, ages 6 to 11, with parental support.

Our Mission

· To rescue horses and train them into youth performance horses.

· To provide affordable access to horses for the children of the community.

· To construct an equine cross-country course so that individuals in Western Colorado and Eastern Utah can pursue their Olympic dreams.

Our Goals

· To teach teamwork compassion, acceptance, and perseverance in a loving and supportive environment.

· To train the youth volunteers how to share information, teach and coach one another in a loving accepting manner.

· To educate the youth volunteers in proper parliamentary procedures, business management and fundraising.

In GVHR’s first year, they rescued three horses, accepted two surrendered horses, and adopted out two horses. For more information please go to

We can't save them all, but for those we save it means the world!

GVHR is expanding exponentially with new youth volunteers with 40 of them and average increase of 2 new youth volunteers weekly. Because of this enormous growth of volunteers, it has allowed us to partner with the Center for Racehorse Retraining, and Eagle & Wild Horse Ranch. Eagle & Wild Horse ranch, that has the Hallelujah horse which will be arriving next weekend and is fostering the Evanescent Mustangs schedule for training into youth performance horses. Last year Evanescent Mustangs saved over 300 horses.

For more information please go to

Our future horses!

GVHR will continue to rescue horses from auctions and will continue to accept surrendered horses as space allows.

GVHR has the volunteers and the horses available for training. However, what GVHR lacking is a location to call home that is large enough to support our growth. Therefore, on Monday, Betty White’s 100th birthday, GVHR is asking everyone to please donate $5. If you can afford $10 even better, as property in Western Colorado is very expensive.

Our dream property with the necessary fencing and horse shelters is approximately to two million dollars.

Please donate today!

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