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Grand Valley Horse Rescue - March 2022

By Brielle Sorensen

"Some horses will test you, some will teach you, and some will bring out the best in you." - Equestrian Co.

Horse of the Month:


Everyone's favorite 29 year old mare, Lady, loves being a part of the GVHR family. She is a retired gymkhana horse. When she first arrived her feet her so overgrown she was lame. Since being rescued, she is now moving much better after corrective shoes and chiropractic treatment. Lady lives at a foster home with Sterling, our auction rescue from October of 2021. Sterling is thriving with his new family.

We love Lady!

What's Happening Now:

  • On April 8, there were 9 horses at the rescue. Over the weekend, we had 6 new horses arrive at the rescue.

  • The rescue is now a member of the Fruita Chamber of Commerce.

  • We launched our sponsorship drive at the Fruita Coop Farm and Ranch Days. We need 240 sponsors at $22 per month.

  • GVHR moved to a new home! Our new address is 2327 H Road.

  • Everyday, the rescue grows more and more, both with horses and riders. Because of this large increase of friends that have joined us in this journey to save horses, we need a bigger place. A donation to help us during this new journey would also be greatly appreciated! Par calls this new journey:

"Moving forward; it's just another stepping stone." - Par


  • April 16th Sheriff Posse Gymkhana on the corner of 25 Road and F 1/2 Road from 9 to 4.

  • April 23 and 24 is the dressage show at the Mesa County Fairground. GVHR will not be participating in the event but will be there to volunteer to tear down the arena at the end of the show.

  • April 30 and May 1 is the Equine Assist Weekend where GVHR partnered with Colorado Horse Network to offer free teeth floating for horses over 20, free castrations, free euthanasia and free surrenders. For more information regarding the 1st Western Colorado Equine Assist Weekend please click below.

  • May 6 is First Friday at Gelato Junction from 7 to 9.

  • May 7 is the open house at the new location. More information coming.

  • Grand Valley River Fest on May 14th - GVHR will have a booth set up where they will be selling brownies and cookies. There will also be face painting and a cake walk.

  • May 21 is the Sheriff Posse Gymkhana on the corner of 25 Road and F 1/2 Road from 9 to 4.

What We've Accomplished This Month:

  • Queen and Wilder attended their first gymkhana in March. Their relationship is developing nicely.

  • Butter grew the most during the month of March. She let Lila ride on her, she carried a saddle, and most importantly she loaded in a trailer. It took her 5 days but she finally succeeded!

  • Rita missed her Princess during the month of March but that didn't stop her from being trained as everyone pitched in to train her.

  • Maximum Horse Power and his Princess worked all month on stepping up a dressage level.

  • Wall-E had a great month of training. He attended the March gymkhana, he learned to be vaulting horse and he loves being groomed.

  • Paulsar led the herd into the new location with calm self assurance. He loves his new large paddock and his paddock mates.

  • Simon is still the most loved and hardest working horse at the rescue. He loves his new digs as he has his own private stall with a centrally located paddock to ensure he never misses a carrot. But, he really loves that grass!

Babe is living the best life! She is in a pasture with her best friend, Emma Lou.

We accepted 6 new horses this weekend!

  • Our first Hallelujah horse arrived, Shirley. Big Kenny will be joining her soon when we find a larger trailer. For more information on a Hallelujah horses please follow the link below.

  • Shasta, an Evanescent Mustang, arrived with Shirley. She was scheduled to come after she had grown a bit, but Shirley needed a traveling companion. For more information regarding Evanescent Mustang Rescue and Sanctuary follow the button below.

  • Ruby, Rio and Denali (formerly known as Whiskey) arrived. For more information about why their were surrendered please follow the button below.

Hank arrived to join our senior community and has become good friends with Simon.

Contact Us!!

Phone: (970) 361-5280


TikTok: @grandvalleyhorserescue


Facebook: @GVHorseRescue

Instagram: @GVHorseRescue

Twitter: @GrandRescue

Please help us continue to grow by donating today!

Paypal for donation:

For GoFundMe donation:

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